Racial Disparities Reporting Discussion Guide

In recent years, HUD has placed a greater emphasis on racial equity, encouraging communities to review their homeless service systems for racial disparities and areas for possible improvement. ICA has created a collection of reports and a written guide to help communities in this work. The Racial Disparities Reporting Discussion Guide is designed to help HUD CoCs and local homeless coalitions to review HMIS data reports for possible disparities in service delivery and outcomes based on race or ethnicity. 

The guide includes:

  • Names and locations of reports suggested for review
  • Brief description of reports, and notes for analyzing disparities
  • Suggested discussion questions
  • Optional notes section for each report

Please contact your ICA System Administrator if you would like a copy of the reports for your agency and/or local coalition. If you plan to use this guide for a group discussion, please consider inviting your System Administrator to the conversation - we'd love to be a part of it! 

Click the link below to access the Reporting Discussion Guide:

Racial Disparities Reporting Discussion Guide

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