Equity Analysis in Program Outcomes


This report identifies whether program exits were positive or not and breaks them down by race, ethnicity, and gender.

A Looker license is required to run this report.

Report Location and Instructions:
  1. Report Launch Pad
  2. Data Analysis tab
  3. DASHGreatLakes Clarity System Reports
  4. Under Home section, 

To Run the Report:

  1. Set Reporting Period Filter (optional)
    1. Default value is set to "in the last 1 complete year"
  2. Choose the Program CoC
  3. Choose the Program Name(s) to be included in the report
  4. All remaining prompts are optional
  5. Click the "Load" button for the report to generate with selected prompts

To Print the Report:

  1. Click the 3 dots and select "Download" 
  2. Download as PDF
    1. Paper Size: Letter
    2. Orientation: Landscape
    3. Select "Expand tables to show all rows"

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