DEHCR HCMS and SSSG HCMS Quarterly and Annual Reports

Report Purpose and Summary

Recipients of the DEHCR Homeless Case Management Services (HCMS) grant and the State Shelter Subsidy grant HCMS (SSSG HCMS) are required to submit quarterly reports to DEHCR. 

The HCMS Quarterly Reports provide the following information:

  • Number of clients and households served in HCMS-funded shelter program(s)
  • Number of clients that received HCMS-funded services while in shelter
  • The type of HCMS-eligible households that were served while in shelter
  • Number of households and children that received school continuation services
  • Number of adults receiving HCMS-funded services and referrals
  • Number of adults receiving non-HCMS-funded services

The Annual Report includes the items listed above plus the following information:

  • Changes in Income

HCMS Reports

A Looker license is required to run this report.  This report printed in PDF format is used to submit to DEHCR for the DEHCR HCMS QuarterlyReport and SSSG HCMS Quarterly Report.

Report Location and Instructions:
  1. Report Launch Pad
  2. Data Analysis tab
  3. DASHGreatLakes Clarity System Reports
  4. Under DEHCR section, there are FOUR separate reports for HCMS funded projects.  Please ENSURE you are using the CORRECT one for the CORRECT FUNDING type received by your agency.
    1. DEHCR HCMS Quarterly Report
    2. DEHCR HCMS Annual Income Summary Report
    3. SSSG HCMS Quarterly Report
    4. SSSG HCMS Annual Income Summary Report

To Run the Report:

  1. For the quarterly reports enter the reporting period date for the quarter   
    1. End date should be plus one day. 
      1. Example for DEHCR HCMS: 7/1/22 - 10/1/22 would be the first quarter grant period
      2. Example for SSSG HCMS: 1/1/23 - 4/1/23 would be the first quarter grant period
  2. For the annual report, enter the reporting period for one year
    1. End date should be plus one day
      1. Example: 7/1/22 - 7/1/23 would be the report dates for the entire DEHCR HCMS grant year
      2. Example: 1/1/23 - 1/1/24 would be the report dates for the entire SSSG HCMS grant year

Enter the Program Name(s) to be included in the report

  1. If more than one shelter program is included, use the control button to select multiple programs

To Print the Report:

  1. Resolve errors in Household types prior to printing
    1. This error reflects any household members that do not have the same response in the HCMS household type question
  2. Click the 3 dots and select "Download" 
  3. Download as PDF

These steps will ensure all data are visible in the PDF.

  1. Before downloading ensure all columns are visible.  Adjust column width as needed to be visible on the screen without using the slide.  
  2. Select 

Additional Information

For information about the data entry requirement for these programs, please visit: DEHCR Homeless Case Management Services and State Shelter Subsidy Grant HCMS Programs.

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