[OUTS-101] Program Outcome Measures

[OUTS-101] Program Outcome Measures

Report Purpose and Summary

This program-based report provides program outcome information that includes program client exit information, housing status of exited clients, and efficiency/process measures. It also provides agency participation totals, and unduplicated counts of clients exited from either each program category and/or collectively.

Anyone can run the report, but the returned information will be limited based on the access rights of the user. 


Make sure you are operating in Clarity under the agency you are running the report for. You can check and change this under your name in the top right corner.

Step 1: Click on the Launchpad, then click on the Reports icon. 

Step 2: In the Report Library, click the down arrow next to the Program Based Reports folder to expand the section.

Step 3: Click the Run button to the right of [OUTS-101] Program Outcome Measures.

Reporting Parameters 

Step 4: Enter the following parameters  

Household Member Type                         All          Only HoH (Head of Household) 
Project Type(s)          All         Ctrl or Shift click to choose multiple program types
Program(s)         All         Ctrl or Shift click to choose multiple program types
Report Date Range  Choose the date range of enrollments to be included in the report
Report Output Format          Web Page         PDF         Excel

Step 5: Click Submit 

The file will be sent to the Report Queue. Once the report is processed, you send a notification that the report is ready. 

To open the report, either select Open on the popup or click the Queue icon and then click Download to open your report. 

Step 6: Save the .csv file on your computer and upload the file to the appropriate repository. 

Important Note: Do not open or alter any of the information in the .csv file 

Reporting Details

The report includes the following tables:  

        Outcome I. Obtain permanent housing 

o   This table displays the number and percentage of each exit destination during the reporting period. 

§  The totals include a "Total discharged to permanent housing." 

§  This total is calculated by using the sum of the following permanent destinations divided by the total exits. 

Staying or living with family, permanent tenure (22)  Staying or living with friends, permanent tenure (23) 
Moved from one HOPWA funded project to HOPWA PH (26)  Rental by client, with GPD TIP housing subsidy (28) 
Rental by client, with VASH housing subsidy (19)  Permanent housing (other than RRH) for formerly homeless persons (3) 
Rental by client, with RRH or equivalent subsidy (31)  Rental by client, with HCV voucher (tenant or project based) (33) 
Rental by client in a public housing unit (34)  Rental by client, no ongoing housing subsidy (10) 
Rental by client, with other ongoing housing subsidy (20)  Owned by client, with ongoing housing subsidy (21) 
Owned by client, no ongoing housing subsidy (11)   


        Outcome II. Decrease exits to streets/shelter 

o   This table isolates only exits to: 

§  Place not meant for habitation (e.g., a vehicle, an abandoned building, bus/train/subway station/airport or anywhere outside) (16) 

§  Emergency shelter, including hotel or motel paid for with emergency shelter voucher, or RHY-funded Host Home shelter (1) 

§  The Percentage is of the total exits shown in Outcome I. 


Outcome III. Exit with earned income 

o   Of the adults and child head of households that exited during the reporting period, how many exited with Earned Income as an income source. 

        Outcome IV. For those who had 0 income at intake, obtain stable income before discharge 

o   Of the adults that exited, how many entered with $0 income from any source and how many then obtained stable income by the time of exiting the program. 

        Outcome V. Exits to Known Destinations 

o   Of the clients which exited, how many were to Unknown Destinations compared with Known Destinations. The following are considered "unknown destinations." 

No exit interview completed (30)  Other (17)  Client doesn’t know (8) 
Client refused (9)  Data not collected (99)  NULL 

        Outcome VI. Of those who discharged to permanent housing, length of time to obtain housing? 

o   Of the clients that exited to permanent housing, as defined in Outcome I, how long was it: 

§  [Project End Date] - [Project Start Date] 


o   Sorted by project type, this report lists the programs included in the report. 

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