[STFF-106] User Client Notes Hours Tracked

[STFF-106] User Client Note Hours Tracked

Report Purpose and Summary

This report provides staff / user information, specifically hours tracked for client notes. This report provides agency management with an overview of the client note hours tracked by users. The report results returned are dependent on the access rights of the user pulling the report. The report also includes a drilldown that reports the clients and notes tracked. 


Make sure you are operating in Clarity under the agency you are running the report for. You can check and change this under your name in the top right corner.

Step 1: Click on the Launchpad, then click on the Reports icon. 



Step 2: In the Report Library, click the down arrow next to the Agency Management folder to expand the section. 



Step 3: Click the Run button to the right of [STFF-106] User Client Note Hours Tracked.

Reporting Parameters

Step 4: Enter the following parameters:

Note Type

Choose which note type to include: 

  • Stand-alone and Program Note 
  • Only Program Notes (default) 
  • Only Stand-alone Notes 

Program Type(s)

Choose which program type(s) to include: 

  • All 
  • Single select for a single program type 
  • Hold either Ctrl/Command/Shift button to select multiple program types 

Program Status

Choose which program status to include: 

  • All Programs 
  • Active Programs 
  • Inactive Programs 

Please note, only active programs will be displayed in the list, how if you choose All Programs it will include any project (active or inactive). 


Choose which program(s) to include: 

  • All 
  • Single select for a single program 
  • Hold either Ctrl/Command/Shift to select multiple programs 

User Status

Choose which user status to include: 

  • All Users 
  • Undeleted Users (default) 
  • Deleted Users 

Please note, only undeleted users will be displayed in the list, however if you choose All Users it will include all users (deleted or undeleted) 


Choose which user(s) to include: 

  • All 
  • Single select for a single user 
  • Hold either Ctrl/Command/Shift to select multiple users 

Report Date Range

Specify the report start and end date 

Report Output Format

Select *Web Page, PDF or Excel



*Drilldown Functionality is available when run in Web Page Format 

Step 5: Click submit


The file will be sent to the Report Queue. Once the report is processed, you will receive a notification that the report is ready.


Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

To open the report, either select Open on the popup or click the Queue icon and then click Open.

Reporting Details

The report includes a detailed list by user and a table of Included Programs:





There are two drilldown functionalities. The first looks at total hours tracked and the total number of client notes 

  • Unique Identifier (links directly to the client profile tab) 
  • Program Name (links to the clients enrollment screen) 
  • Client Note Date  
  • Title (links to the client note screen) 
  • Hours 
  • Minutes 


The second drilldown functionality looks at the total number of users 

  • User name 
  • Total number of notes 
  • Total hours tracked 


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