State Shelter Subsidy Grant Report (SSSG)


The State Shelter Subsidy Grant Program (SSSG) provides operational funds to emergency shelter and motel voucher programs that have additional funding needs due to renovation/expansion of an existing shelter facility, the development of an existing building into a shelter facility, the expansion (or development) of shelter services, or the inability of a shelter program to obtain adequate funding to continue to provide an existing level of service.  Grants are limited to no more than 50 percent of the shelter's operating budget.

SSSG Report

A Looker license is required to run this report.  This report printed in PDF format is used to submit to DEHCR for the HCMS quarterly report.

Report Location and Instructions:
  1. Report Launch Pad
  2. Data Analysis tab
  3. DASHGreatLakes Clarity System Reports
  4. Under DEHCR section, 

To Run the Report:

  1. Enter the reporting period date for the one year     
    1. End date should be plus one date. 

           Example: 1/1/22 - 1/1/23 would be the calendar year 2022 report

Enter the Program Name(s) to be included in the report

  1. If more than one shelter program is included, use the control button to select multiple programs

To Print the Report:

  • Click the 3 dots and select "Download" 

  • Select PDF or CSV

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