PATH Data Completeness Report


The PATH Data Completeness report is a Looker based report to ensure all required data elements are completed before the submission of the PATH Annual Report.  This report can be run any time for any time period. Please refer to this page for a guide on PATH data entry.

When reviewing the report: 

  • Ensure that all required data elements are completed for clients with a date of engagement
  • The first contact/Current Living Situation is the date of program enrollment
  • All clients without contact greater than 60 days need to be exited for the date of last contact
  • Best practice to include a location of contact with client in the Current Living Situation when client located in Place Not Meant for Human Habitation


Accessing the Exports

Step 1: Click on the   Launchpad Icon, and select the Reports icon. 

Step 2: Once on the Reports main page navigate to the Data Analysis

Then click the down arrow next to the DASHGreatLakes folder to expand the section and click RUN on the PATH Data Completeness report

 Step 3: Click Run and Select Prompts.

  • Reporting Period Filter: Choose the start and end dates of the reporting period
  • Program Name: Choose the PATH programs for your agency

To review the data quality report view the screen or download to the CSV format to review each section individually

  • To Download, click the three dots on the upper right side of the report and select Download

  • Choose the CSV format and click download

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