Housing Inventory Count (HIC) Report (Looker version)


The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) report is run for Rapid Re-Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Other Permanent Housing programs to create an unduplicated count of persons housed in these programs for one night.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are two HIC reports available.  These instructions refer to the LOOKER version of this report and DOES require a special license.

Canned version versus Looker version

Looker version:

  • Requires a Looker license
  • Allows access to errors in the report needing to be addressed
  • Includes various demographic data groupings

Canned version: 

  • Does not require an additional license
  • Does not show potential errors needing to be addressed
  • Does not include various demographic breakdowns, including by counts by household type


Accessing the Exports

Step 1: Click on the  Launchpad Icon, and select the Reports icon. 

Step 2: Select the Data Analysis tab and open DASHGreatLakes Clarity System Reports

Step 3: There will be a list of ICA created reports, click Run for the "PIT Report."
(will take a few moments to load)

Reporting Parameters

Step 4: Enter the following parameters

PIT Date Choose the date of the Point In Time count
PIT Date Plus 1 Day Choose the date after the Point in Time count date
Program CoC Choose  the HUD recognized CoC - Note it takes a few moments for the drop down to appear
Program Names Click on is any value and TYPE IN the program name to select.  More than one program name can be selected

Local Coalition LEAVE as "Is any value" - this prompt is only for System Admins and will not pull correctly data for users

Step 5: Click the blue "Run" arrow after the program name(s) selected to run the report.  The report will take a few minutes to load.

Step 6: To Download and View the report click the three dots on the right and click Download

Download the file as a PDF and select EXPAND tables to show all row to view full results.

HIC Supplement - Client Detail

This report is considered a "Look", this means that the prompts are visually different than the above report.  

Click the arrow next to "Filters" to view the report prompts.

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