Balance of State Coordinated Entry

This Coordinated Entry is a process dictated by the WI Balance of State CoC (BoS). The Balance of State CoC has trainings required for staff on what Coordinated Entry is and how to administer their assessment.  There is also an HMIS list and a non-HMIS list.  ICA only provides training for those agencies and users who already have access to HMIS and will be adding households to and taking households from HMIS prioritization list. HMIS is just a piece of the Coordinated Entry system and is one of the tools used to prioritize clients.

ICA only hosts the HMIS portion of the the BoS CE trainings. 

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For all Balance of State related information: Balance of State CoC Resources

BoS CE Workflow training

  • As a reminder, this is only the HMIS portion of CE training, it does not count as CE training for the BoS
  • You can watch this video as many times as you need to!  Keep this page saved to your browser for future reference
  • To get credit for completing the training, be sure to complete the Training Completion Form that appears at the end of the video*

Coordinated Entry Part 1: Adding Households to the Coordinated Entry System

Coordinated Entry in HMIS Part 1 by Stephanie Van Hulst

Training Date: December 8, 2023
Length of training: 80 minutes

Coordinated Entry Part 2: Filling Program Openings and Accepting Prioritized Referrals

Coordinated Entry in HMIS Part 2 by Stephanie Van Hulst

Training Date: December 13, 2023
Length of Training: 80 minutes

Follow Ups Do's and Dont's

  1. If you complete a follow up with a client and you ARE able to get in touch with them:
    1. Complete a Status Update
      1. Update their Residence
      2. Update their Months Homeless
    2. Complete a Current Living Situation
    3. Complete a CE Note
      1. Write one or two sentences about your conversation in their follow up related to their housing situation
  2. If you are attempting to complete a follow up with the client but ARE NOT able to get in touch with them:
    1. Complete a CE note
      1. Write one or two sentences about your attempt to call or email and whether or not you left a message

ICA BoS Coordinated Entry Resources

BoS Coordinated Entry HMIS Priority List Reports

Wisconsin Balance of State Coordinated Entry HMIS Guide

Big Picture Understanding HMIS Training and BoS CE Training

The first thing to understand is these are two different things. 

  • HMIS is the database where client data are entered.
  • Coordinated Entry is the process of assessing and referring a client to a housing option that best fits their household needs.

HMIS is used for all programs providing services to people experiencing homelessness.  Its primary job is to capture client data for those in shelter, street outreach, transitional housing, rapid re-housing and permanent housing, along with some prevention programs.

HMIS is also a tool used by the Balance of State’s Coordinated Entry program.  This means for clients entering the coordinated entry process, they will have an enrollment in HMIS under the Balance of State CE program.  This is separate from your agency’s shelter or housing programs.

HMIS New User training series (4-Part Series)

This training series is for anyone who will be required to use HMIS for either their shelter and housing program or for those using HMIS as their Coordinated Entry tool.

Once completed contact Jennifer Allen, HMIS System Administrator

Balance of State CE trainings (3-Part Series)

This is the training related to how Coordinated Entry works and the assessments you will be using for clients you are adding to the Coordinated Entry lists.  A link to the full page can be found on the Balance of State website on the CE page under the training section: Balance of State Coordinated Entry

Direct Links:

HMIS Training for Coordinated Entry

These trainings are how to create the BoS Coordinated Entry enrollment, assessment and referral onto the CE list along with accepting a referral into your housing program. A link to the full training page can be found here:  HMIS CE Trainings (on this page at the top)

Direct links:

Email,, or once completed to receive access to the Balance of State CE program in HMIS.

Non-HMIS Training

If you will be using the Non-HMIS system, you’ll also need the following 2 additional trainings:

Email once completed for access to the non-HMIS list.

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