Madison/Dane CE Looker report

Total Count of CE Enrollments by Agency


This report populates the total number of households enrolled in Madison/Dane CoC Coordinated Entry by Agency on a monthly and cumulative basis.  This report is helpful in identifying workflow errors identified by flags in the Has Issues column of the details report tile due to missing assessments and referrals to the community queue. 


This report is found in the “DashGreatLakes Clarity System Reports” under the Dane CoC section of the Data Analysis.  This report is only available for staff with a Data Analysis License attached to their user license.  Direct link: Total count of CE Enrollments by Agency

Accessing the report:

Step 1: Make sure you are switched into your default agency, usually your employer.  Next, click on the Launchpad, then click on the Reports icon.

Step 2: Select Data Analysis, then click the down arrow next to the “Dashgreatlakes Clarity System Reports” folder to expand the section.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Dane CoC header, Click the Run button next to Total count of CE Enrollments by agency.

Reporting Parameters

This version of the report is run System/Instance wide.

Project Start Date = Select is in the last X complete months then edit number of complete months

Project Type Code = is Coordinated Entry (do not change)

Program Setup CoC = is WI-503 (do not change)

Name = is Madison/Dane Coordinated Entry (do not change)

Head of Household (Yes/No) = is Yes (do not change)

Madison/Dane CoC Agency Name = Select your agency in the drop-down list

Report Details

Information included in the Report:

  • # of Enrollments
  • # of Clients
  • CE Enrollment Count by Agency Name (monthly)
  • Client details
    • Client ID with URL (Profile screen)
    • Client Unique ID
    • Enrollment ID URL (Program Enrollment screen)
    • Start Date
    • Exit Date
    • Madison/Dane Agency Name
    • Has assessment connected to the enrollment? (assessment ID/Null)
    • Assessment prioritization status (placed on prioritization list/Null)
    • Referral status (Completed/Pending/Pending in Progress/Expired/Null)
    • Referrals Currently on Queue (Yes/No)
    • Has issue (1 = Data quality issues due to no assessment or referrals ever to the queue, 0 = no issue)

The report flags any enrollment in Madison/Dane Coordinated Entry that is missing an assessment and referral to the queue within the project start and exit date range. 

Instructions for Clearing issue flags:

Step 1. Switch into Madison/Dane CoC Coordinated Entry Agency from your default Agency

Step 2. Click on the  next to the Enrollment ID, then click the link for

Step 3. Click on the Assessment tab and scroll down to review the Assessment History.

If no VI-SPDAT/VI-Y-SPDAT/VI-F-SPDAT is recorded, scroll up and click Start on the appropriate assessment based on the household composition and complete the assessment, then click Save. (Skip to Step 4)

If program enrollment is closed, this will limit your ability to create an assessment, you will need to reach out to the CE manager for additional guidance to resolve the issue.

If a VISPDAT/TAY SPDAT/VI-F-SPDAT is recorded within the program enrollment, then click on the Eligibility button. 

Step 4. Toggle on the Madison/Dane Permanent Housing Queue and click Refer Directly to the Community Queue(s)

Step 5. Click Send Referral

Step 6.  Rerun report while switched back into your default agency.  Flags should be resolved.

Direct link: Total count of CE Enrollments by Agency

Step 7: Once the report has finished running, you can download it by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and clicking “Download”.

Step 8: A screen will pop up to select formatting options. Select the following options: Format = PDF, Paper Size = Letter, Orientation = Landscape, and select “Expand tables to show all rows”. Then click “Download”.

Step 9: The following screen will pop up while your document generates. It will take a few minutes to generate (longer if you have more clients on your priority list).

Step 10:  Once the PDF is generated, you will receive the following message and the PDF will be available to open from your downloads bar / downloads folder.  

Guidance for Madison/Dane Coordinated Entry Partner Agencies for selecting the Project Start Date prompt when submitting Monthly Performance reports:

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