Annual HMIS Security and Privacy Training

2023 HMIS Security and Privacy Training

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This is also Step 3 in the HMIS New User training process.

This training reviews the Data Privacy and Security Standards required in the Federal HMIS Standards.  We address the user and the agency's responsibility related to HMIS Security.  We review Client Rights related to HMIS data entry, explain Data Visibility, and review the HMIS Release of Information.  This training was required to be completed by all current users by December 31st, 2023.

There is a quiz within the Security Training that all users must pass to receive credit.

HMIS User Agreement

All users are required to sign the HMIS User Agreement, affirming their acknowledgement of their responsibilities in protecting the client data within the system and the client's rights.  Users will electronically sign this agreement at the conclusion of the HMIS Security and Privacy training.

WI 2023 HMIS Security and Privacy Training by Jennifer Allen


These changes took place in 2021 per the HMIS Advisory Board's decision.

HMIS Release of Information requirement changes

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To receive credit for viewing the training video you must pass the quiz and sign the HMIS User Agreement. The quiz is page one of the form and the HMIS User Agreement is page two.
Counts as: Annual Security Training

(You only receive credit once per calendar year for viewing the video, so please only register once per calendar year.  You may however, watch the video as many times as you wish.) 

Missed the link to complete the quiz and HMIS User Agreement: Click here to submit it.

Original training date: 10.23.23
Length: self-directed, approx. 45 minutes, must pass quiz for credit

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