BoS Coordinated Entry in HMIS Workflow

Coordinated Entry is a process dictated by the CoC (the Balance of State CoC for those agencies located in the Balance of State). This means the Balance of State CoC has trainings required for staff needing to participate in adding people to the list and taking from the list.  There is an HMIS list and a non-HMIS list.  ICA only provides training for the HMIS list. HMIS is just a piece of the Coordinated Entry system and is one of the tools used to prioritize clients.

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ICA only hosts the HMIS portion of the the BoS CE trainings. 

See the instructions below for accessing the HMIS training video.

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Password:  Clarity

*To get credit for completing the training, be sure to complete the Training Completion Form that appears at the end of the video*

Original Training Date: November 9, 2022
Length: 103 minutes

Should you want to revisit a particular section of the training, see the time stamp table below to navigate to the correct section of the video:


WI BoS CoC Coordinated Entry in HMIS Guide 11.8.2022

WI BoS CoC Coordinated Entry HMIS Quick Guide 11.9.2022

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