HMIS Virtual Monitoring

ICA WI Launches New Virtual Monitoring Plan
September 2020

The ICA WI team has developed a new way to monitor agencies for HMIS compliance during this time of limited interaction and social distance necessity.  This plan allows for agencies to be involved in the process and thoroughly prepared for the review of compliance with the HMIS policies and procedures.

  • Agencies will be given a 30-day notice prior to the review and designate time on that date with HMIS staff to go through their monitoring.
  • Agencies will be asked to run and submit the same reports HMIS staff will use to review their data and program information.
  • Agencies will be responsible to upload the necessary client file paperwork to complete a data entry review.
  • Agencies will submit pictures and policy documentation of compliance with the HMIS Security and Privacy Standards.

Please check out the related documents here:

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