DEHCR Homeless Case Management Services (HCMS) and State Shelter Subsidy Grant (SSSG) HCMS


These instructions are intended for shelter projects receiving the DEHCR Homeless Case ManagementServices (HCMS) and State Shelter Subsidy Grant (SSSG HCMS) funding.  All funded projects must inform the HMIS System Administrator in their region of the grant award and fund dates to ensure the shelter project is set up correctly in HMIS.

The DEHCR HCMS and SSSG HCMS funded agencies have additional questions on the enrollment screen and additional service transaction and referral documentation requirements in HMIS.

Required HCMS Questions for both project types:

There are FOUR categories of households that qualify for DEHCR HCMS and SSSG HCMS:

  • Homelss adult(s) accompanied by minor children (including children who are 18 and still in school)
  • Homeless adult who is pregnant
  • Homeless adult(s) unaccompanied by minor children, but are the non-custodial parent(s)
  • Homeless adult(s) unaccompanied by children, who are between ages of 18-24, and accompanied by another person related by blood or marriage

There is ONE additional category for SSSG HCMS:

  • Homeless adult(s) - single or accompanied by other homeless adults 

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To view how to run the required quarterly and annual reports for both HCMS programs, please visit:

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